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The motor/brake concept of the GJ56.. motors is equipped in the Premium E06 and E07 versions with a mushroom button which on the one hand allows a safety stop and on the other hand serves as a reference point for length adjustment tapes. The GJ56 .. E07 also has an SMI interface for bus systems and can therefore be operated in building automation technology. A single SMI actuator allows individual and simultaneous control of up to 16 SMI motors. The slats are adjustable to the nearest degree. Another advantage is position feedback as well as error feedback. The E07 engine is particularly suitable for B.S.O. with automatic solar orientation of the slats. With adapter and cable included.

Drip tube 14 x 3.7 with stem M 5x5


  6Nm up to   9 m2 (awning area = Width x Height)

10Nm up to 15 m2 

20Nm up to 23 m2

Motor GEIGER GJ56 E06 230V 50Hz

SKU: AL1701 / AL1702 / AL1703
PriceFrom CHF198.00
  • Advantages – the safety factor is multiplied by five: 

    • Motor and brake of proven design 
    • Motor intelligence: torque disconnection in the event of an overload
    • Stop possible by means of the limit switch 
    • Referencing can be activated/deactivated
    • Frost protection

    Other features:

    • Limit switch adjustment with any standard adjustment cable
    • Mushroom button for safety stop
    • Mushroom button possible reference point for adjusting the length of the strips
    • Stop on dynamic torque 
    • Parallel connection
    • Startup in about 100 ms
    • Available with 3, 6, 10 and 20 Nm. Different cable lengths