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Smoove Origin RTS - Wireless wall radio control - RTS technology - To control 1 motor or 1 group of RTS radio motors Smoove Origin 1 RTS

  • Comes with a white frame and 1 battery. Easy to install with the "PROG" button on the back of the control, to synchronize the control with your RTS motorized equipment. Wireless, it can be positioned anywhere. Featuring a sober and timeless design to match any room in the house. 3 functions: up/down/stop and the "my" favorite position to find the saved favorite position of the shutter or blind in one click. To control 1 piece of equipment with an RTS radio motor or 1 group of pieces of equipment, located in the same room.
  • Smoove Origin RTS wall control
  • With the 3 buttons of the Smoove Origin RTS wall control, you open and close a roller shutter or blind; or turn a light on and off! This wall control is compatible with a shutter, interior blind, terrace blind, or lighting equipped with an RTS radio receiver.
  • Wireless, it is positioned on the wall and its installation requires no work.

Smoove Origin RTS - Wireless wall-mounted radio control from Somfy

SKU: SO152