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  • Supplied with a wall bracket and 1 battery. With a sleek and modern design to blend perfectly into your interior and ergonomic curves for easy handling. Easy to install with the "PROG" button on the back, to synchronize the remote control with your io motorized equipment. Has 3 functions in addition to the dial: up/stop/down and the "My" favorite function which allows you to find the saved favorite position of the shutter or awning in one click. Enjoy more everyday comfort, by controlling your equipment from your sofa with a remote control. To control 1 equipment or group of motorized equipment: shutter, adjustable sunshade, lighting fitted with a receiver using iohomecontrol technology. Has a patented wheel to precisely control the inclination of the slats of a blind, shutter, or pergola with adjustable slats; adjust the intensity of a light.
  • Situo 1 io Pure Variation remote control
  • The Situo 1 io Variation remote control has the "my" function, to save the preferred position of your shutter or blind and find it with just one click.
  • The supplied wall bracket is discreet and easily hangs on the wall thanks to its adhesive strip.
  • The Situo remote control has been eco-designed in compliance with strict health and environmental requirements, in order to reduce its environmental impact.



More details

  • Operating voltage: 3 V (CR 2430 type battery)
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to +48°C
  • Environmental conditions: dry living spaces
  • Protection class: IP 30
  • Radio frequency: 868.95 - 869.20 MHz
  • Dimensions: 

Situo 1 io Variation remote control by Somfy - for Venetian blinds and pergola

SKU: SO1076