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1. Price

Our prices are net resellers plus VAT, ex works. We reserve the right to modify our prices at any time, without prior notice.

2. Offer/quotation

Our offers are communicated without engagement. The prices offered are only valid for the dimensions or quantities indicated.


3. Orders

All orders MUST be sent to us in writing (fax/mail/e-mail) duly signed and dated. No telephone orders are accepted, even for accessories. We reserve the right to refuse a poorly written or unclear order. Use our ad hoc order forms. Any missing indications may cause a delay in manufacturing without any responsibility on our part. We assume no responsibility if the non-compliant delivery is due to an order drafting error on your part.


4. Measurements

All measurements must be communicated as indicated on our ad hoc order forms. All dimensions are always WIDTH / HEIGHT and seen from the inside.


5. Order Confirmation

Orders are confirmed at the unit price of our current price list. Order confirmations must be returned to us duly dated and signed within 48 hours. After this period, any apparent manufacturing error(s) on the confirmation will not engage our responsibility.


6. Manufacturing time

Our manufacturing times are determined by the volume of orders. The agreed period in number of weeks always means the end of the week, and begins from the date of receipt of the order or, in the event of an incomplete order, from the moment when the last necessary indications have reached us. . Our manufacturing times do not mean the day or date of delivery. The delivery time will depend on our delivery schedules and, if the date is not convenient for the buyer, he is responsible for taking care of the transport himself. The company declines all responsibility for delays attributable to its suppliers, in the event of force majeure, such as strikes, war, thefts, fires and transport disruptions. A delay in the confirmed deadline cannot, under any circumstances, result in the termination of the order or the right to any compensation.

7. Delivery costs

For purchasesin Swiss, we offer two delivery options. Standard delivery is fixed at CHF 9.–, but it is free from CHF 50.– of purchase. If you want faster delivery, we also offer priority delivery for CHF 15.–


For deliveriesinternational, we offer Standard Economy Shipping for orders of CHF 300 ($300) or more. For orders below this amount, a delivery charge of $34 applies.


Please note that free deliveries do not apply to additional bulky package charges, which remain applicable when delivering these products (however, these charges do not apply if you choose to collect the items directly from our factory ).

In certain exceptional situations, Alu-Store SA reserves the right to request a contribution to the shipping or delivery costs. However, we always strive to offer you the best possible delivery conditions. 


8. Control and complaint

The finding of any damage, defect or lack of conformity must be made in writing within 8 days of receipt of the goods. A period of 8 days is also accepted for all complaints on invoices issued. After these deadlines, no subsequent complaint will be accepted, for any reason whatsoever.


9. Order cancellation

In case of cancellation of order, the buyer pays the costs for work started.


10. Liability

Whoever buys and installs our products is legally responsible for the work. We decline all responsibility for any defects in use due to poor installation work.


11. Warranty

In the event of a duly established manufacturing defect, the supplier replaces it, either by a new delivery, or by tacit agreement between the two parties, provided that the buyer uses our equipment correctly, with the appropriate accessories and that the parts incriminated have been submitted to the control of Alu-Store SA. Any other claim by the buyer, of any nature whatsoever, in particular concerning loss of earnings, labor costswork or damages, is excluded. The replaced or compensated supplies are the property of the supplier; in addition, improper treatment will cancel any claim for damages from the supplier. Are excluded from this contractual guarantee: non-compliance with the instructions for commissioning, use or maintenance; opening or modifying the product or its components other than simply unpacking the product; shock or fall of the product; damage following an act of vandalism; humidity, fire, lightning, storm, flood, UV rays, hail or any other force majeure event beyond our control; THEmaneuvers in the event of frost, minor wear and tear damage, color fading, replacement of components subject to normal wear, cleaning damage; connection of an inappropriate energy source; installation on or in conjunction with an unsuitable carrier product; galvanized metal parts with a layer thickness corresponding to the SIA prescriptions: without an additional layer of paint from the building, no protection against rust can be guaranteed; in the case of facades provided with peripheral insulation, in the event of water damage; products whose minimum or maximum dimensions exceed the limits indicated on the price lists and prospectuses; damage to items stored outdoors.


12. Terms of payment

Cash payment according to the means of payment and the system made available on our online sales platform. For any specific payment request, please contact us by phone or e-mail. In the event of a lawsuit, bankruptcy or composition, any rebates and discounts become null and void. In any case, Alu-Store SA reserves the right to modify the terms of payment.


13. Legal place

In the event of a dispute, the place of jurisdiction is Yverdon-les-Bains.

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